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You work for a well-known clothing brand or fashion retail chain, and you require design or strategic support to reach new heights. 


You are an aspiring startup who wants to build a successful clothing brand and needs professional support.


You’ve been running your clothing brand for a while, and you are looking for specialists who can help your brand grow.


You are looking for highly experienced fashion design specialists who can create contemporary clothing lines from start to finish. 

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    Who Are We?

    We are a full-service Fashion Design and Brand Strategy Agency that works with clients worldwide.

    Since 2008, we have curated and designed clothing lines for some of the biggest names in the fashion and sportswear industry and helped aspiring fashion entrepreneurs launch new fashion brands from the ground up.


    Partnering with us will grant you exclusive access to invaluable industry knowledge and commercial strategies to help you avoid common pitfalls, ensuring your clothing brand’s success.


    We’ve had the privilege of working for many different regions, including Europe, Australia, Canada, North America, Scandinavia, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, and the Middle East.


    So, if you are determined to start a successful clothing brand or want to take your existing one to new heights, you have come to the right place.


    We offer industry-proven expertise and professional support to help you achieve your creative and commercial objectives.


    Contact us today and discover how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

    How Can We Support You?


    Starting New Clothing Brands & Designing Clothing Lines

    We’re here to support you in getting your new fashion brand or clothing line up and running by providing expert support with brand positioning, line planning, fashion design, branding, and marketing.


    Get in touch with us today, and discover how can turn your ideas into a profitable clothing business.


    Bring your Clothing Brand to The Next Level

    Are you feeling like your clothing brand or line has hit a ceiling and can’t seem to break through?


    We’re here to help you evaluate your brand, find ways to improve it and create a strategic plan to help you reach new heights.


    Get in touch with us today and find out how we elevate your brand.


    Women's Fashion

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    Men's Fashion

    O'Neill Europe

    “It has been a pleasure working with Richard at O’Neill Europe in his role as Head of Product Design. I have seen Richard as a very passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic creative lead in the Product Team. His creative, strategic direction and hands-on mentality makes him unique, and it creates an atmosphere of commercial opportunities. He translates significant emerging trends with sustainable innovation and high-quality standards to get strong brand signature collections for the right consumer profile”.
    Nicolette Van Brugge
    Chief Product Officer – O’Neill Europe
    “It was good working with Richard at the O’Neill Product department. In a short time, he was able to lead the design team toward the ‘Next Level’. ‘Throughout his strong trend and concept presentations, he could convince the product and leadership teams about a new product strategy and collections. Richard’s designs are elevated, efficient, creative and commercial. Yet he never loses focus on the end user/consumer”.
    Jan Lindeboom
    Head Of Product – O’Neill Europe


    “Richard is a mastermind! The most important thing about him is, that he knows what he’s doing. We have worked with so many designers but Richard ‘Ticked The Box!”.
    Mohammad Ovi
    Sheep & Pelle- Australia
    “With his many years of experience, Richard knows precisely how the fashion industry works. He is skilled and professional and knows exactly how a fashion brand can distinguish and improve itself to a higher level”.
    Kevin Kater
    Aduh – The Netherlands
    “I highly recommend Richard. He is a talented and experienced individual. If you need someone to work on a project of yours he is the guy you want to go with. Great investment, I’m really happy I found him”.
    Sebastian Sabet
    Sabz – USA
    “Richard was great to work with. Professional, understood our needs, offered solutions and is highly experienced in his field. He delivered quickly and to quality”.
    Marla Fitzimmons
    Ocean Armour- Australia
    “I would highly recommend Richard. He is so professional and his presentations cover all the key points about starting a new clothing line, so helpful.”
    Sahar Dalini
    Sosi – United Kingdom
    “Richard, has implemented everything excellently. Professional, experienced and very talented. Who wants to have a good result should go to Richard! Thank you very much for the great work!”
    Luca Bauwer
    DryShort – Germany

    2561AM – The Hague

    The Netherlands

    Chamber Of Commerce: 5131258


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