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Women’s Wear Designer

We’re seeking a Freelance Fashion Designer with an ultra-feminine design signature to collaborate with us on a women’s wear project.


The project is set to begin as soon as possible and needs to be finished by February 2024.


To be considered for the job, you must have at least eight years of work experience with a proven track record of working for high-level women’s fashion brands. 


Additionally, your portfolio must showcase a diverse range of successful women’s wear projects and a thorough understanding of clothing construction. 


You must be able to work with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software efficiently.


• Designing ultra-feminine young women’s top-to-toe summer looks (separates and dresses)

Researching suitable fabrics, trims, embellishments, fits, silhouettes, and overall looks that align with the brand’s aesthetics.

• Creating Tech Packs

• Online workshops and design reviews


EUR: 8000 – EUR: 10.000

How To Apply:

Submit your CV, and a compact portfolio, or a link to your website.


Open Applications

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Old Registrations

If you contacted us in the past, please re-apply again because, due to privacy laws, we deleted old signups. 

We’re Interested in Meeting:

• Menswear designers

• Women's wear designers

• Active sportswear designers

• Flat knit designers

• 3D Fashion Designers (CLO3D and Browzwear)

• Accessories designers

• Footwear designers

• All-over pattern designers

• Placement print designers


• A minimum of 5 years of work experience

• Proficient design software skills

• Good communication skills (English)

How To Apply

Submit your CV, and a compact portfolio, or a link to your website.


If your talents and experience match our projects, we will schedule a Zoom interview to get to know each other.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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