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    Failure is just around the corner if you don’t know how the fashion and clothing industry works.

    Did you know that according to the latest data, up to 90% of startups fail. Across almost all industries, the average failure rate for year one is 10% However, in years two through five, a staggering 70% of new businesses will fail. 


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    Why Do Most Clothing Startups Fail?
    In most cases, a clothing business fails due to multiple reasons. However, a common reason why clothing startups fail is that the founders don’t have the necessary qualifications or experience. Ideally, clothing entrepreneurs should be industry experts with sufficient business experience.
    5 Reasons Why Fashion Startups Fail

    • Targeting a too broad consumer group
    • Insufficient industry knowledge
    • A limited understanding of the target group
    • Poor marketing
    • No business skills


    (Fact-checked by Investopedia 2022

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