Create A Clothing Line

In 3 – Easy Steps

Here’s How Our Process Works

Over the years, we have developed a streamlined work process to create custom designs that satisfy our client’s requirements while staying within a set budget.

We begin by explaining and visualizing our ideas with photos and descriptions before starting our design work.


We then discuss our design ideas with you and adjust them, if necessary, based on your feedback.


Once you approve the final design ideas, we can deliver clothing designs that typically require no or minimal adjustments.


To start a fashion design project in the best way possible, you need a fashion design brief.


A fashion design brief is a detailed document that helps us understand your preferences, deliverables, and expectations for your clothing line.


Click here and discover what a fashion design brief is – and why it’s vital for your project.

Fashion design examples for a knitted tops collection for women in greys, greens and aubergines.

Seasonal Theme

Idea Proposals

Clothing Design

Seasonal Theme

STEP – 01

We’ll start with gathering photos from various sources such as online magazines, fashion blogs, webshops, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Afterwards, we’ll use these photos to develop a Mood Board that will showcase the selected style and mood of your clothing line or garment, clarified by keywords if required. Along with that, we will present a Colour Card.


We will then discuss the Mood Board and Colour Card with you and make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback.


Once you approve Step 1, we will move on to Step 2.

Idea Proposals

STEP – 02

For each garment in the clothing collection, we’ll create an individual page.

Per page, we’ll illustrate with photos and descriptions what we have in mind regarding the fit, details, and fabrics.


We’ll discuss the ‘Idea Proposals’ with you, and we’ll make adjustments if needed.


Once you approve ‘Step 2’, we’ll proceed with ‘Step 3’, where we will start designing your clothes.

Clothing Design

STEP – 03

We will begin by creating design sketches of the garment fronts in a single colour way. Once finished, we will review the design drawings with you.

After your feedback, we’ll refine the designs, and we’ll create the garment’s backs.


After you approve the designs (fronts and backs), we’ll create the other colour ways if ordered.


Once you approve the designs, a Clothing Tech Pack is necessary to create a salesman sample at a clothing manufacturer.


Click here to read about Clothing Tech Packs, why you need them, and how they ensure an accurate sample.

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