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The creative services include clothing design, footwear design and accessories design for men, women, boys and girls. The freelance fashion design creatives from are specialists in a given fashion segment and fashion style.



FREELANCE FASHION CREATIVES RECRUITMENT specializes in the recruitment of freelance creative fashion personnel. Clients can hire an individual freelance fashion creative or a complete creative freelance team for short and long-term projects. Clients can choose to work directly with freelance fashion creatives or under the creative guidance of All the freelance fashion creatives are fully equipped to work with clients online. For assignments that require intensive physical interaction and/or teamwork, most freelance fashion creatives are also available to work at the client’s offices.



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As the Internet has become truly global, nearly everything you want to know is out there, waiting for you to discover it. When Web 2.0 made it possible for web users to interact easily with each other in a social media dialogue, the constant supply of new information became endless. The less positive aspect to this continuous flow of information is its infinite amount, which makes the search for relevant information time-consuming.


For freelance fashion creatives in particular, we search the World Wide Web for specialty news articles. Those articles which we know will be valuable or interesting for freelance fashion creatives get republished on this website.


If you have found an interesting specialty news article that you think should be shared on, please let us know by e-mail.


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There are many good reasons for working on a freelance basis, such as having lots of personal freedom and being able to create an ideal personal work routine. That said, we regularly come across creative fashion advertisements for permanent fashion jobs that are really interesting or challenging.


We believe that personal development – including creative development – always comes first, no matter the type of employment someone chooses. In the end it all comes down to the level of work satisfaction you get out of your work. For like-minded creatives, we republish noteworthy creative fashion job advertisements on


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