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A clothing tech-pack is a technical description document of a garment design specially made for clothing manufacturers. Clothing manufacturers need tech-packs in order to make prototypes.

These prototypes are the basis for bulk production and are called ‘Samples’ or ‘Salesman Samples.’ Fashion designers, technical designers and product developers create tech-packs.

Clothing manufacturing is a long and elaborate process in which many components have to be created, such as; fabrics, prints, patterns, buttons, zippers, cords, labels, Etc. All these elements and details have to be explained in a Tech-pack in order to get an accurate sample.

* BOM sheets
* Style description sheets
* Detail sheets
* Measurements sheets
* Size block charts

BOM Sheets

The purpose of a ‘BOM sheet’ BOM (Bill of Material) is to explain all components of a design and the colour specifications. On a BOM sheet, I’ll put a full-colour drawing including Pantone colour codes. At the left top of the frame, I’ll put the intended collection season and the article code or name. At the right top of the frame, I’ll put the colourway of the design. In the column at the right, I’ll put the information about the components I want to use in the designs, such as fabrics, trims, artwork, labels, etc. Every colourway gets its own Bom sheet.

Description Sheets

Drawings can be interpreted in different ways. Therefore a ‘Description sheet’ is essential in a tech-pack. In a ‘Description sheet,’ all components of a design should are explained, as well the drawing techniques should be clarified – for example, a dotted line. If fashion designers want to illustrate stitching, they often use dotted lines. But a dotted line in a drawing could also mean something else entirely – for example, a dotted print. Therefore, an accurate and detailed ‘Description sheet’ is essential in creating a decent salesman sample.

Measurements Sheets

On a Measurements chart sheet, I’ll put all the design-specific measurements. The main measurements, such as the front length and the chest width, will be mentioned on the Size Block Chart. On a Measurements chart sheet, I’ll put the dimensions and positions of pockets, zippers, badges, etc. I’ll also put the sizes of collars, cut lines, and other style-specific elements on a Measurements chart sheet.

Size Block Charts

A Size block chart is a measurement chart created for pattern cutters/pattern makers. Pattern cutters will make a pattern based on the measurements listed in a Size block chart. These patterns are used to make a sample.

In a Size block chart, all main measurements such as the front length, chest width, and shoulder-length of a garment will be stated. I’ll always put a small black and white drawing on the left side of the page to make it more visual for the pattern cutter and, I’ll point out more elaborated details and measurements with red arrows. The regular measurements, such as the chest width, I’ll put in the right column. At the right top of the frame, I’ll put the sample size. I’ll always include a guidelines sheet of how I measured in my Tech-packs to avoid confusion. This guidelines sheet is also called ‘POM sheet’ or ‘POM’s sheet’ (Points of Measurement).

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