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Learn How To Start A Highly Profitable Clothing Line Or Fashion Brand
You are right! To start your own clothing line or fashion brand is super exciting and fun! However, I hope you can imagine it is more complex and financially risky than you think.

There are many things to consider in order to create a successful fashion or clothing business. But unfortunately, as a starter, you don’t possess this essential knowledge. Furthermore, you are most likely doomed to make mistakes because you also lack a commercial understanding of the industry and don’t know enough about industrial clothing production. These mistakes can become so costly that they often lead to a company’s downfall, leaving the founder with high debts. Sadly, aspiring fashion and clothing entrepreneurs often underestimate these risks and start a new business based on guesswork and assumptions.

I use my know-how of the global fashion and clothing industry of almost three decades to help ambitious entrepreneurs to establish highly profitable clothing businesses.

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A fashion show of a freelance fashion designer

Freelance Menswear Designer

I provide Premium Fashion Design and Strategic Services to leading fashion brands, aspiring fashion entrepreneurs and start-ups from around the world. As a seasoned freelance menswear designer, I can help you create authentic and profitable menswear lines from the bottom up and guide you through the design, manufacturer sourcing and product development processes. Click the button to read more about my freelance menswear design services.

Designs of summer dresses mad by a freelance apparel designer

Freelance Apparel Designer

While working as a freelance apparel designer, for leading international fashion brands, sports brands and fashion retail chains, I have learned many ways to create authentic and profitable clothing collections. From The Netherlands, I help leading fashion brands reach their commercial goals and help aspiring fashion entrepreneurs develop a solid basis for a profitable clothing company. I also provide online freelance apparel design services to companies and individuals worldwide. Click the button, If you want to learn how I can help you to to reach your creative and commercial goals.

A clothing tech pack of a technical men's winter jacket

Clothing Tech Pack

You can compare clothing tech packs with cooking recipes. While a cooking recipe describes ingredients and cooking techniques, a clothing tech pack describes components, such as fabrics, trims and fabrication techniques. In addition, a clothing tech pack also explains how a garment should look and fit. You need a clothing tech pack to create a prototype of your design at a clothing manufacturer. These prototypes, also called samples or salesman samples, are used as the basis for bulk production. 

Creating salesman samples is a long and complex process wherein you must develop many components and whereby many things can go wrong. Therefore, starting a clothing product development process with high-level clothing tech packs is crucial. I have developed a highly detailed clothing tech pack format that is still easy to understand. The format developed over the years and was used to create salesman samples and bulk productions at clothing manufacturers in the Far East and Europe. If you want to read more about my clothing tech packs, click the button!