Slide Richard Roelofse Fashion Design Director People are constantly changing and evolving, culturally, generationally, behaviorally, and I am fascinated around how this change is translated through fashion. My mission is to understand people’s mindsets through their clothing choices and their individual styling. I’m intrigued about what their fashion says about who they are, what they want to become, and what they want to express. “I translate modern concepts into true commercial products.” I am a seasoned Fashion Designer / Fashion Design Director. I use my 25+ years of industry experience for creative direction, brand positioning, fashion design and trend forecasting. I work with fashion brands and vertical fashion retailers, supporting them through key moments in the creative and visualisation process.

My favourite target group, is males between 25-30 years old. I like to focus on them because I find it the most fascinating period in a young man’s life.
“I am fascinated how people connect with each other through clothing.” Enquire Here
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