How I Work

Slide My Method Over the years, I have developed a (online) method to create designs to my client's needs and deliver them on-time and within a set budget.

I explain and visualize my ideas with photos and descriptions before I'll start designing. The design ideas I'll discuss with my client, and I'll adjust them to their specification.

Once my client has approved my design ideas, I can deliver designs that need no or perhaps a few adjustments upon delivery. To start a design process, I'll need a Design Brief.

Step 1 – Mood board

Step 2 - Design proposals

Step 3 - Designs

Step 1 – Mood board freelance-fashion-designer-design-process-1 I'll start with collecting photos from; online magazines, fashion blogs, webshops, Pinterest, and Instagram.

I'll present my ideas about the look & feel of a clothing range on the mood board with photos and keywords, and I'll present a colour card.

I'll discuss the mood board and colour card with my client, and I'll make adjustments if needed.

Only after my client approves 'Step 1', I'll start with 'Step 2'.
Step 2 – Design Proposals freelance-fashion-designer-design-process-2 For each item of the clothing collection, I'll create a separate page.

On the left top of the page, I'll put an article code. Per page, I'll illustrate with photos and descriptions what I have in mind regarding; the fit, details, and fabrics.

I'll discuss the 'Design proposals' with my client, and I'll make adjustments if needed. Only after my client approves 'Step 2', I'll continue with 'Step 3'.
Step 3 – Designs freelance-fashion-designer-design-process-3 freelance-fashion-designer-design-process-4 I'll start by making design drawings of the fronts of the garments. Once finished, I'll send the design drawings in 1 colourway to my client.

After receiving feedback from my client, I'll make adjustments (if needed), and I'll draw the garments' backs.

After approval of the design drawings (fronts and backs), I'll create the other colourways if ordered.

Once the designs are finished, I can create a tech-pack. With a tech-pack, you can make a salesman sample at a clothing manufacturer.

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