Menswear design

I specialize in North European menswear design. I design Leisurewear, Smart Casual wear and Athleisure.

I design multi-product menswear collections in: sweater knit, round knit, woven fabrics and in technical fabrics. 

I also design: placement prints, patterns, fashion logo’s and clothing branding.


Tech-packs and product development

I’m experienced in making accurate technical production manuals a.k.a. tech-packs, including the size specs for clothing manufacturers.

For some clients, I develop menswear collections at certified clothing manufacturers.  I have worked with clothing manufacturers from: Italy, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and China.


Because of copyrights and ownership rights, I’ve only published a small part of my work in low resolution on this website. I have a professional menswear and women’s wear portfolio in place for prospective clients.

Contact me for more information.