Your own fashion line

Many people fantasize about creating ‘their own fashion line’. They imagine a glamorous lifestyle, fun and high earnings.

Most of these people don’t know how the fashion industry works and start new fashion businesses without a complete business plan.

Some of these fashion entrepreneurs have a great start but stop after a while because they are not able to turn their ‘hobby’ into a profitable business. Unfortunately, most fashion start-up companies don’t succeed at all and are left with ‘broken dreams’ and high depts.
My experience

In my career, I’ve had the privilege to work with founders of big international fashion brands and with top managers from internationals fashion chain stores. In collaboration with them, I have created new clothing lines for fashion brands and fashion chain stores brands. I’ve also established own clothing lines.
Consultancy services

I give advice about clothing lines to international fashion chain stores, and recently also to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs and fashion start-up companies.

For these aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, I have developed a presentation of around 1 hour. In this presentation, I’ll explain the whole process of creating a clothing line. I’ll also talk about budgets and the risks of starting ‘your own clothing line’.

After the presentation, an aspiring fashion entrepreneur can make an educated decision on whether to start their own clothing line or not. This presentation is also suitable for fashion start-up companies.

After the presentation, you can ask me questions about your plans and/or fashion business. I can give the presentation via Skype or WhatsApp, or we can meet.
The costs for this presentation is EUR: 2500,-
Contact me for more information.
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– Schedules
– Brand concept
– Brand positioning
– Design
– Branding
– Production preparation
– Product development
– Sourcing of clothing manufacturers
– Production
– Logistics
– Marketing
– Budgets
– Margins
– Payment terms
– Financing